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PRO + Series - Top to Bottom

High end Models with advanced features - SDD Detector


Pro+ Series [Top to Bottom]

High end Models with advanced features - SDD Detector

Pro+ [4 collimators 0.3, 0.6, 1 & 2 mm]

Pro+ II [2 collimators 0.6 & 1 mm ]

Manual adjustable sample stage with laser focus beam

Large sample chamber with manual adjustable sample height, best suited for jewellery samples

Other Details:


  • ​Ketek SDD detector  ​

  • Micro Focus, Oil cooled 50KV 1mA X-ray tube make Canon, Japan.  

  • Top to bottom geometry with laser focus beam  

  • Manual adjustable sample stage  

  • Detects All elements from Na-U including Ir, Re, Os, W, Ru, Sn, etc. 

  • Accuracy better than 0.15% for Gold


Model Name/Number
Pro+ Top to Bottom
Approx. 45 kg
Measuring Direction
Top to Bottom
Ketek SDD (Made in Germany)
X-Ray Tube
Micro Focus, Oil cooled, 50 Kva, make Canon Japan
Element Range
Na to U including impurities like Ir, Re, Os, Ru, along with light elements like Mg, Al, P & S
Radiation Protection
Power Supply And Consumption
230 V, 50/60 Hz, Max. 200 W
Operating Temperature
20 To 27 Degree Celsius
Sample Positioning
Manually adjustable sample stage
Video Microscope
High-resolution CCD colour camera for optical monitoring of the measurement location with laser
Zoom Factor
20x digital zoom
Max. Sample Weight
3 kg
External Dimensions
W610 x D 670 x H490 mm
Inside Chamber Dimensions
W550 x D 550 x H30 mm
Aperture (Collimator)
Automatic software controlled
MicroP Co. Ltd., South Korea
XRF Gold Testing Machine
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