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Ultra High end machine with Automatic XYZ sample stage 


Microspec 350

Ultra High end models with 1st in industry features - Vitus SDD Detector.

Fully Automatic Top to Bottom Microfocus Gold Testing Machine.

Programmable automatic XYZ sample stage with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can test Multiple Samples in single click.

Automatic 2D & 3D Testing with Auto Focus Laser Beam and Auto alignment.


  • Collimator - Automatic Multi collimator changer up to 6 (0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2 & 4 mm)

  • Detector Safety - The system has mechanical shielding along with buzzer to prevent detector from getting damaged by sample.

  • Automatic 2D & 3D Testing - Simply move the cursor to any area of the video image, click the mouse, and the stage moves the parts directly under the x-ray beam. Fast, controllable parts positioning is accomplished with ease in seconds.

  • Laser focus Feature - Precision laser focusing on parts provide the most consistent measurements accuracy possible and eliminates operator error.

  • Dual display function to show live testing to customers.

  • Exclusive Shutterless design Extends Tube Life - Unlike other X-ray systems, MicroP XRF generates X-ray only while taking measurements. Since the X-ray tube completely shuts off between measurements, there is no need for a mechanical shutter. Less X-ray tube use equals cooler operating temperatures and longer tube life.

  • Chamber Temperature Regulation - Another first in X-ray design is the exclusive cooling controls which maintain consists temperature of key system electronics. Measurement stability is further enhanced by the reduction in temperature variation.

  • Automatic X-ray Beam Alignment - The Beam Position feature aligns the X-ray beam to the camera image. This prevents measurements errors, Unnecessary service calls, or instruments downtime due to misalignment.


Precious Metal Analysis
Model Name/Number
Microspec 350
Automation Grade
50 kV
Approx. 60 kg
Element Range
Na to U including impurities like Ir, Re, Os, Ru, along with light elements like Mg, Al, P & S
X-Ray Tube
Micro Focus, Oil cooled, Canon (Made in Japan)
0.1% for Gold & 0.2% for Silver
Aperture Collimator
Multi-collimators upto 6 (0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2 & 4 mm) customizable
Measuring Direction
Top to Bottom
Radiation Protection
Sample Stage
Automatic programmable XYZ stage
Power Supply And Consumption
230 V, 50/60 Hz, Max. 200 W
Operating Temperature
20 To 27 Degree Celsius
Sample Positioning
Zoom Factor
20x Digital zoom
Automatic XYZ sample stage with Auto focus and Auto alignment
Max. Sample Weight
5 kg
Ketek V-SDD (Made in Germany)
External Dimensions
W610 x D670 x H600 mm
Inside Chamber Dimensions
W550 x D550 x H100 mm
Aperture (Collimator)
Automatic software controlled
MicroP Co. Ltd., South Korea
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