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Cost effective AMPTEK USA Gold testing machine


Cost effective Amptek USA Gold testing machine

Low Cost, compact design

High Speed & Accuracy

Bottom to top geometry with fixed sample stage

High-performance analytical software included

Meet the cost effective XRF system with AMPTEK USA detector

Compact, cost effective XRF system with Amptek USA make Si-Pin detector specially designed for small markets.

Best suited for Retail shops, Testing centers & hallmarking centers

GT XRF analyzer produced by Microspec provides users with a detection technology with convenient operation and high cost performance: it is not necessary to probe the detection tool into the material of the sample to be tested, and it will not damage the sample to be tested, so the alloy chemical composition information of the sample can be obtained, and the Karat grade of the sample can be judged. Whether you are buying gold and other precious metals, or selling or producing jewelry, or manufacturing metals, or recycling waste metals, you need to master a fast method that can accurately determine the carat grade and the content of other precious metals and non precious metals, so as to effectively control the product quality and set a reasonable price in the first time.

GT XRF analyzer can quickly get accurate analysis results of various types of samples.

East to use software with one click operation

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All Metal Testing 

Detects all elements from Ti to U including impurities like Ir, Re, Os, etc with accuracy better then 0.25%


Minifocus Air cooled Xray Tube
Anode: W
Voltage: 50 kV
Current: 1 mA
Power: 50 W

X-Ray Detector
Type: Si-PIN Amptek USA
Energy resolution: 155 eV at Mn Kα 

Dimensions: 460 х 460 х 390 mm
Weight: 38 kg
Power supply: 90 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 300 W

Operating system: Windows 10 and above 
Analysis algorithms: Fundamental parameters (FPA), Empirical (regression) calibrations, Manual spectra comparison

Multi channel analyzer DPP
MCA: 4096 channels

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